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Clubsport complete set V1 - net and carpet for BMW M3 E46 Coupe

Clubsport complete set V1 - net and carpet for BMW M3 E46 Coupe

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Delivery time: 5-6 weeks

The Stern Performance Parts Clubsport complete set replaces the rear seat with a strut, with a net and carpet.

This is particularly suitable for motorsport enthusiasts who want to upgrade their back seat for the racetrack.
The resulting weight savings improves performance and gives the vehicle a sporty OEM look.

The net is attached to the body and the carpet covers the area from the back seat to the back of the trunk.

All products are handmade in Germany by experienced tailors and saddlers to the highest quality standards.
Stern Performance Parts has high quality standards and attaches great importance to product quality and clean workmanship.

The carpet covers the area of ​​the former rear seat and goes all the way to the end of the trunk.
It is made of high-quality velour that meets the quality standards of well-known German automobile manufacturers.

The edges are trimmed in synthetic leather and sit flush against the body, and the underside is made of textured rubber.
Thanks to the precise fit and the underside of the carpet, no further fastening of the carpet is necessary. Cut-outs for Isofix points are also included.

scope of delivery
- Clubsport Network
- Clubsport carpet
- Fastening material (aluminium plates, screws, washers and nuts)

Special features of (textile) custom-made products (strut, net, carpet)
Please note that our products are manufactured according to customer requirements and are therefore custom-made.
Therefore, our Clubsport items are non-returnable and we cannot accept cancellations, changes or returns. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions.

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